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2012-04-05 23:06:56 by SpeedRunner

Recently I recieved a copy of the original Pokemon Gold from my cousin. I was really excited because it had been my favorite game when I was younger and was so excited to play it. To my horror, the game wouldn't keep a save a file. Thats when I learned about the internal battery...NOOOO!! So now I'm going to try to replace it and see what happens.


2012-03-26 19:52:35 by SpeedRunner

I was nervous when I gruduated high school...kind of terrified of the unknown and all that jazz. I wanted to go to work for a year to make some cash for University. My father said that I shouldn't, though. "If you get a job you'll never want to go back." Wish I had of taken the job...student loans aren't looking really fun :P So tired...always tired...derp...

Most people become excited for gradutation...moving off to university, college, or strait into the work force. What about those who are scared of the uncertainty of the future...the change from the life they've known for their entire life? Anyone ever feel that way? I do. Well...guess the best I can do is trust in God and plunge in. It should work out :)


2010-12-18 22:58:16 by SpeedRunner

I had my second experience with Skype yesterday ( the first was at a youth rally to expose some of the youth leaders embarassing childhood facts). Had my aunt and uncle who live in Alberta on and spoke with them....I've only seen them twice maybe since they moved out there. Kinda nice to have them "there" for the early Christmas gathering with my other relatives ( my family and I are going to New York to visit my grandparents for Christmas). It was cool to be able to speak with them.

You know what?

2010-10-09 20:21:50 by SpeedRunner

Five day weekends get really boring when your friends go away for the weekend and there isn't really anyone to hang out with. I also learned yesterday that when you babysit two kids for 4 1/2 hours...you get a little tired...got $20 for sitting with a laptop and drinking chocolate milk though...I'm happy.


2010-09-18 17:06:08 by SpeedRunner

I've gotten over my illness and I'm feeling better.....I like feeling better.
Heres a Facebook conversation that I had with a friend....bad spelling and bad punctuation included :D....I'm more or less bored and just feel like sharing: (I'm the first one to speak.)
"You know what we need?"
"Pirates :D"
"Lol what for"
"Life can always use an extra pirate or three :D Night :D"
"Lol definatly"
"What is your opinion on the current pirate crisis?"
"lol i dont know : P"
"How unfortunate, politians running around talking on lesser issues like health care and education....NONE OF TOUCH ON THE REAL ISSUE, the severe lack of pirates in New Brunswick"
"do you like pumpkin pie"
"I like all pies...I think that they are beautiful"


2010-09-12 15:30:01 by SpeedRunner

I hate being sick, I hate that when I'm sick I bite my checks for whatever reason in my sleep, and I hate not being able to eat solid food! For the past 4 days I had nothing (excluding the odd time I felt like chocking down something) I've had nothing but popsicles, ice cream, water, and pills...I've lost about 10 lbs.....the good thing about this is that I can miss some school. Bad thing about it (aside from pain) is missing school. Stupid school brought back the Exemption Policiy (for all those who don't know what that is...it means you can exempt one exam) but you can only miss five days...even if you're out for sick days...stupid school...

I hate car trips...

2010-08-30 17:18:54 by SpeedRunner

I just got back from visitng my grandparents in New York....I hate car trips....I hate being cramped in a tiny places for 12 hours with nothing to do but try to either read and being distracted by the radio or trying to listen to the radio but get distracted by reading....its a viscious cycle :P

Its so annoying when everyone is away on vacation and you're stuck at the just waiting to go anywhere....Summer has been so slow this year....I could go for some ice cream....

Had some today....started off too sweet, then it just tasted like cold coffee and there was moer ice than coffee in my stupid tiny cup....Tim Horton's....you failed me....I died a little on the inside....