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Tired day today....

2010-08-14 20:21:10 by SpeedRunner

After being up all night at a youth rally at my church...I came home and crashed. Slept for 5 1/2 hours and then spent the rest of the day being a zombie :P One really big highlight of my day was drawing a picture that had been in my head for day....I like it :) Can't upload it with my computer unfortunatly :p Guess I wait until I can use my cousin's laptop....not sure when that will be. Oh well, good day of zombifaction....what more could you want?

You know what sucks?

2010-08-13 10:43:43 by SpeedRunner

I think it sucks when you get nine hours of sleep in a night but you still feel so tired....like I do now....


2010-08-11 21:41:19 by SpeedRunner

Another day of doing nothing but playing video games with my cousin and brother.....I think I need moer friends who live within walking distance :P You know what I find annoying? I think its really annoying when after knowing someone for one week, people expect to know if you love them....HOW SHOULD I KNOW!!???!? Honestly, if I meet a girl, people expect me to be writing poetry...I don't process love that fast and frankly I don't think anyone does. Who out their meets a girl/guy and falls in love and has a long lasting relationship? I'd like to know :l

You know what?

2010-08-10 17:52:00 by SpeedRunner

When you see a dog it usually flips over o its back and waits to have its tummy rubbed....if you go up next to a dog and lay on your back with your arms and legs in the air they won't rub your belly......THE JERKS!!.....I'm just that tired :P

Its kind annoying when...

2010-08-10 12:20:40 by SpeedRunner

your woken from sound sleep by the sounds of your grandfather taking down staging out side....I had to get up this morning to help my grandfather take down staging so that we could the the other side of the roof at 9....my grandfather dosen't know what sleep is :P oh well, what ya gonna do right?

You know what sucks?

2010-08-09 17:23:14 by SpeedRunner

Waking up at 7:30 in the morning...some are probably saying that they had less sleep and i don't care. I'm not dealing with their lack of sleep but my own :P Aside from waking up so early, telling my brother and younger cousin to stop fighting and the fact that my eyes feel like they are being stabbed with tiny needles...its been a good day. Playing video games, uploading pictures (stupid non-working home computer :P) and messing with my Newgrounds account :) Listening to the news talking about the woman who faked having cancer to pocket charitable donations...that makes me sick. I hope somebody can help her realize how wrong she was.

Finally got up some ART!

2010-08-09 09:41:00 by SpeedRunner

So all of my art loading problems Ièm going to blame on my home computer....FINALLY got art up using my cousinès lap top :D So know my art can be ridiculed by all of Newgrounds :3 Ièm quite happy...only problem with my cousins lap top is the french keyboard (darn you french key board :P)

Nothing much to say...

2010-08-08 22:06:40 by SpeedRunner

Today was a pretty good day...how much more can you ask for?


2010-08-07 15:27:47 by SpeedRunner

My only original reason for joining Newgrounds was to upload my drawings...so far I got one up :L It sucks that I can't upload anything...

More art is up...I think

2010-08-05 20:17:06 by SpeedRunner

So I've added 4 pictures to newgrounds...only one shows up on my page in the art stub...I'm guessing thats not normal. Anybody care to give me any idea why thats happening?