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2010-09-12 15:30:01 by SpeedRunner

I hate being sick, I hate that when I'm sick I bite my checks for whatever reason in my sleep, and I hate not being able to eat solid food! For the past 4 days I had nothing (excluding the odd time I felt like chocking down something) I've had nothing but popsicles, ice cream, water, and pills...I've lost about 10 lbs.....the good thing about this is that I can miss some school. Bad thing about it (aside from pain) is missing school. Stupid school brought back the Exemption Policiy (for all those who don't know what that is...it means you can exempt one exam) but you can only miss five days...even if you're out for sick days...stupid school...


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2010-09-12 19:41:54

I understand your frustration, I remember the huge utter annoyance through my youth. If you miss certain amount of days that usally is a sign of trouble. Sometimes I have to force myself to go through school ill unless it was more serious. I hope you get well soon and carry on your education. Good Day.

SpeedRunner responds:

I thank you and this was more or less a vent while the pain was a little stronger...I am ticked at the exemption pokiciy though, its ridiculess to deny a student a privelege because they can't go to school and infect their peers with their illess. And for the first to days I dragged myself to school...but because I was contagious, almost fell asleep in my first period because I was so tired and alteranted between sweating and shivering in the duration of a class I decided I was just going to stay home and not deal with it for a few days.


2010-09-12 21:01:49

Hope you feel better, SpeedRunner.

SpeedRunner responds:

I thank you for kind wishes, LuckyHeart