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2010-09-18 17:06:08 by SpeedRunner

I've gotten over my illness and I'm feeling better.....I like feeling better.
Heres a Facebook conversation that I had with a friend....bad spelling and bad punctuation included :D....I'm more or less bored and just feel like sharing: (I'm the first one to speak.)
"You know what we need?"
"Pirates :D"
"Lol what for"
"Life can always use an extra pirate or three :D Night :D"
"Lol definatly"
"What is your opinion on the current pirate crisis?"
"lol i dont know : P"
"How unfortunate, politians running around talking on lesser issues like health care and education....NONE OF TOUCH ON THE REAL ISSUE, the severe lack of pirates in New Brunswick"
"do you like pumpkin pie"
"I like all pies...I think that they are beautiful"


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2010-09-18 18:47:04

You need ninjas and flying armadillos

SpeedRunner responds:

...I'll try to take that into consideration next time...I love how your mind works my friend :D